Spain confirmed 510 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the lowest daily number of deaths since March 23

Spain confirmed 510 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours, lowest daily death toll since March 23. Confirmed cases amounted to 161,852 and the total deaths to 16,353. Almost 60,000 patients were discharged.

The Government finalizes this weekend the details for the rOpening of part of the economy as of Monday while the pandemic is slowing down, according to the figures of the last days.

It is scheduled to reopen next Monday and Tuesday (depending on the holiday of the different regions) various economic sectors that were closed for two weeks on March 30, such as construction and heavy industry.

The Government recommended to use from Monday protection masks for citizens using public transport, but it is a difficult device to find in stores, and for this reason the Executive advanced that will offer them at railway or metro stations.

This will require a massive distribution of masks, the supply of which is being finalized, while the government continues to distribute rapid virus detection tests among the regions to try to finish controlling the spread of the pandemic.

This partial relaxation of the measures to close the economy and confinement of the population comes as the numbers of new infections and deaths have given a break.

In another order, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez decreed the extension for another 14 days of the controls at the land borders with France and Portugal. The extension will run from this Sunday to Saturday, April 25 and is subject to new extensions if necessary.

We are still in the confinement phase“Stated the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who stressed that companies must “stagger” the entry of employees.