Tierra del Fuego, without quarantine: there was congestion in avenues and an ambulance had trouble circulating

Tierra del Fuego was the first Argentine province in total quarantine to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic. But a video that circulates on social networks and reached TN and the People it makes a lot of noise.

In the images, you can see a long line of cars circulating along the main avenue of Rio Grande and how this massive violation of preventive and compulsory social isolation complicates the passage of an ambulance.

Tierra del Fuego is the province with the highest number of Covid-19 cases per inhabitants: 81, of whom 27 received medical discharge.

According to local media, Governor Gustavo Mellela analyzes how tighten prevention measures and controls. The Government Minister, Adriana Chapperón, said that “only one person can circulate in each private vehicle.”

In the case of taxis and remises “the driver must wear a mask and only one passenger is allowed,” he told the newspaper. Weather Fueguino.

“We regret that there are people who cannot comply with what is being asked as a personal responsibility. Beyond that the controls have been intensified. At the moment, we are working with the Chief of Police to intensify them even more. We are analyzing the measures that will be taken from today to limit the situations that we have been seeing in the last 48 hours that we do not know what it is due to, “he commented to String 3.

In the province, there are more than 50 people arrested for violating quarantine.

In the A Dos Voces program, for TNGovernor Melella stressed that Tierra del Fuego is “one of the provinces hardest hit” by the pandemic.

“Ushuaia has between 80 and 85 thousand inhabitants and in January we received 75 thousand foreign tourists and the same amount in February. They were tourists who they arrived and the next day their countries of origin declared an emergencySo we had to take very strong measures. A great job has been done and the problem is contained but I think it is time to adjust more, “he said.

“The quarantine is still firm for Tierra del Fuego. It is far from over, we have to have that solidity and that strength to maintain it over time,” added Melella.