In Córdoba, 50% of the metallurgical companies used savings to pay wages


Access to financing to meet salary and tax payments is the main concern of metalworking companies, according to the national survey carried out by the Association of Industrial Metalworkers of the Argentine Republic (Adimra).

The survey, in which all the companies in the chamber participated, showed that 62 percent of the companies in the sector turned to savings to meet payments and obligations. “

In the province of Córdoba, the measures adopted to face payments and obligations differ from the general level.

Half of the companies (50 percent) used savings to pay wages, and only 20 percent of the companies applied for loans from private banks.

In addition to savings and bank financing, the third alternative to meet obligations was the discount of checks.

The report, prepared by the Adimra Center for Economic Studies, established the main concerns of employers: “to sustain the payment of wages, followed by the payment of taxes” and “the lack of working capital as it leads to the inability to meet market delivery commitments. “


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