“I only ask God”: the song that different religious creeds sang for the coronavirus

The Solidarity Network together with the Institute for InterReligious Dialogue (IDI) summoned the entire country on Thursday night to pray for life and sing the theme of León Gieco, “I only ask God.” The initiative, which sought to give a message of union against the coronavirus pandemic, was within the framework of Argentina sings, what counted in its latest edition with the participation of more than 35 artists.

On this occasion and on the occasion of Holy Week, Passover and Ramadan, Father Guillermo Marcó, Rabbi Daniel Goldman and the Islamic leader Omar Abboud participated in this inter-religious prayer for life through song.

“The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the capacity for union and solidarity that we Argentines have in challenging times far exceeded the belief that our differences separate us. On the contrary, we have built on them,” said Goldman.

The call was made this Thursday at 20:50. (Photo: Télam)

For his part, Marcó said: “It is exciting to be able to share these traditions that bring us so close, even if they are different in content.”

Omar Abboud, Co-Director of the IDI, expressed: “We must always have the firm conviction that, in the perspective of continuing to meet and dialogue with our different identities, we can continue to build the path necessary to achieve human brotherhood

Carr also added: “These are moments to live together, as a true community, accompanying the patients and their families who are going through such a complex time, to those who feel alone, perhaps anguished. “

“We want to do it by praying together through music, because someone once said that singing is praying twice. We are going to ask God, the God of each one, for the life of all,” he added.

In social networks, users joined through the hashtag #ArgentinaCanta.