Coronavirus: the music teacher left a video with a very special task for her students and went viral

Carina Lazzaro is a music teacher. He lives in Mendoza and breaks it in the networks with the cumbia “anticoronavirus” and a grater as an instrument. He had the idea to make a video and send it to his students so that they would record themselves singing as a family. And the responses were very fun and creative.

“In this time of virtual classes, I wanted my students to forget about the coronavirus for a little while, so I chose this song from Viru Kumbieron who adapted the lyrics for ‘You are going to miss me’ from Ladies Free to give advice on the pandemic, “he explained.

The teacher chose a content that had a bit of everything and this song has a lot of rhythm. So with items that you had in your house he made his own instruments. In the video she is seen with a grater and a pepper shaker singing “that all threats are not false, the virus does not move if you stay at home …”.

“The tasks my students sent me are very creative. They dressed up and did instruments for hangers, covers, keys and much more. The most important thing is that they had fun as a family, and could forget about the pandemic for a little while, “he concluded.

Carina is a teacher in three schools in Luj├ín de Cuyo and a recognized artist well known in the province because she is part of the “Lunas Morenas” group.