Coronavirus in Argentina | More than 1,700,000 people violated the quarantine

More than 1,700,000 people have already been notified or arrested by federal forces throughout the country for violating the mandatory quarantine, ordered by the Government to try to stop the coronavirus.

This is a fact that worries a lot, since is greater than the number of Covid-19 infected worldwide, which are just under 1,600,000 cases.

Federal Police, National Gendarmerie, Naval Prefecture and Airport Security Police have been carrying out procedures since March 20, and until this Thursday, April 9 at 2:00 p.m. there were 1,688,963 notified and 36,190 detainees, so if the data of the provincial police are added together, the number of offenders would be very close to two million.

In addition, the forces controlled 1,232,738 vehicles, of which 2,960 were kidnapped.

In the 131 controls that are in charge, the Police of the City of Buenos Aires 581 people were arrested and another 7,120 were delayed, notified or transferred to their home., while 174 cars were seized.

In addition, since March 16 there were 13,706 calls to 147 to report cases of violation of social isolation, while 4,237 actions by the Federal Justice and the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office were recorded for these events.

From March 13 to the present, 2,681 inspections were carried out in nightclubs, of which fifteen were closed (two dance clubs and thirteen bars).

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe Police apprehended 11,276 citizens, carried out 5,505 controls on passenger transport and registered 33,034 complaints to 911 and 0800 provincial for violation of quarantine. Likewise, it carried out 74,146 vehicle controls, of which 606 were kidnapped.

Finally, until Wednesday the Buenos Aires Police had performed 41,419 interventions, of which 37,362 were for breach of isolation.