Citroën and Peugeot: Avec workshops resume services

From Monday April 13, the official mechanical workshops belonging to Avec dealerships in Córdoba Capital (Citroën, Peugeot and DS Store) will be enabled to provide after-sales services and spare parts.

“The workshops and the spare parts salons will be open to attend to vehicles of essential activity. In other words, the service will be available to those who have a certificate to circulate, and vehicles authorized to do so, ”indicated the company.

For these same authorized customers, the home maintenance service and valet parking; that is to say that in case of requesting it, the vehicle will be looked for at the address to be transferred to the workshop and once the service has been carried out it will be returned.


To prevent crowding and be able to provide a more efficient service, the dealership advises that customers take a turn using WhatsApp or phone call.

Avec Citroën and DS Store: mechanical workshop (351) 611-2128; spare parts (351) 628-7790.

Avec Peugeot: mechanical workshop and spare parts (351) 645-0991.