“We are not going to allow more DISMISSALS”, warned from the GOVERNMENT of Buenos Aires


The Minister of Labor of the Province, Mara Ruiz Malec, said that a shared effort must be made because the worker is the one who least accumulated

The Province Minister of Labor, Mara Ruiz Malec, said that “we will not tolerate layoffs” in companies based in Buenos Aires territory, and showed his anger at those who “have their backs to support the workers but commit abuses.”

In this sense, he said: “We must make a shared effort among all because the worker is the one who accumulated the least to face this emergency.”

He asked that the most important effort be to give “in large companies that have a great back” and made it clear that “We are not going to allow layoffs, which are also prohibited today by decree.”

Regarding the isolation in the province, he pointed out: “We see some inconveniences in small companies or businesses that live day by day.”

In addition, he indicated that the national and provincial governments “are implementing measures so that they can pay wages.”

For the moment “There are no massive layoffs” although he questioned companies in the construction sector “that can sustain these workers and commit some abuses.”

Most of the complaints “focus on workers who are offered to pay their wages in installments or for the lack of hygiene and prevention elements” in the face of the pandemic.

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