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Day after day the Argentine health authorities release a report detailing the situation in the country regarding the coronavirus

As they do daily, this Thursday the authorities of the Ministry of Health once again toasted their daily report about the situation you live in currently Argentina. This is report number 51 that the officials who lead the health portfolio issue for the general population and for the media.

According to this information, the total number of confirmed cases in the country is 1,791. In relation to the previous day, 80 new cases, a number that is below the number of infections that were days ago. In this way, it is possible to affirm that the incidence of the disease is 3.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The average age of involvement is 45 years; of the total number of cases the 45% are women and 55% are men, although there is still no evidence that the virus specifically affects one of the two genders.

The authorities further reported that el 43% of cases are related to a travel history, This implies that the virus would have been spread in one of the affected countries. He 34% have had contact with a positive case COVID-19 and only 12% have the virus by community transmission, which is precisely what it is trying to avoid with the preventive and compulsory isolation in force until now. It is important to keep in mind that this type of transmission is observed, according to Health officials, in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires, in Ushuaia, in Chaco and in some cities in the provinces of Córdoba -Altagracia, Córdoba and Río Cuarto- and Santa Fe -Rosario, Rafaela and Santa Fe-.

The total of deceased in Argentina it currently amounts to 67 people. Thus, the case fatality rate is 3.7%, almost two points below that of Brazil (5.5%). The average age of the fatal victims is 68 yearsIn other words, the majority were within the population considered to be at highest risk.

Finally, the official clarified that they have already been done 14,850 tests nationwide. This means that 327 per million inhabitants have been realized. These tests, which are currently carried out in 142 public and private laboratories in the country, so far, 11,835 cases have been ruled out. 96% of them were dismissed through the analyzes carried out, while the remaining 4% did not qualify, from the epidemiological point of view, as a case of coronavirus.

Regarding care and prevention, the officials emphasized the need to respect the recommendations that have been given so far. Social distancing, staying at home, and constant hand and surface washing are the main ways to avoid transmission.

They also made a wake-up call for those who are currently working and consider themselves essential personnel. Lic. Carla Vizzotti assured that even if they are within that group, anyone who presents symptoms should stay at home and, eventually, make a medical consultation to find out their health status. In no case should he go to work and expose his colleagues to the pathology that is affecting him.

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