Runs and rubber bullets after a protest of workers fired from a Quilmes refrigerator

In full quarantine for coronavirus, this Thursday they registered unrest in a fridge Quilmes.

It all started when a group of protesters crowded in front of the Frigorífico Penta SA Y blocked entry. According to reports, the measure of strength of the workers was in claim of the reinstatement of personnel who were fired by the company.

In this situation, the police arrived to free access. However, there was pushing, running and shooting with rubber bullets. There were several wounded.

One of the wounded after the shots with rubber bullets (Photo: TN capture).

The release of the municipality

From the Quilmes municipality, headed by the mayor Mayra Mendoza, they repudiated the repression exerted by the Police on the protesters.

“In no way, the Municipality of Quilmes endorses the repression suffered by the workers and repudiates violence as a mechanism for solving this conflict. This occurs in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and, in the midst of this critical situation, 250 workers were fired by the meat packing company, “they expressed in a statement.

In this way, they recorded that Penta S.A. is “in conflict with its workers”, and reported that this Wednesday “a meeting was held at the community headquarters with local authorities, representatives of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Labor and union leaders” to unlock the situation.

According to community sources, the meeting was led by Mendoza, and the Provincial director of Regional Delegations of the Ministry of Labor, Miguel Funes, participated, who transmitted to the mayor the situation that the workers of the refrigerator are going through.

“The owner of the company, Ricardo Bruzzese, has been for two weeks does not allow staff to enter their workplace, did not pay the salaries or comply with the compulsory conciliation“They remarked from the Quilmeño Executive. In addition, they detailed that in the meeting it was agreed to insist with the legal presentations before the Ministry of Labor of the Nation and the province of Buenos Aires and in the search for a solution to the conflict.

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