Covid-19: Renault and Smata agree to suspensions with payment of 60% of wages

Amidst the paralysis of activities due to preventive and compulsory social isolation, companies that cannot operate are already evaluating that the return to work, when the quarantine is released, will not be immediate.

Therefore, they are beginning to think about the actions to be taken at that time. An example is that of the automaker Renault and the Union of Automotive Transport Mechanics and Allies (Smata), which reached an agreement so that, when the Santa Isabel factory can reopen, there will be no layoffs or cuts in personnel.

However, the union had to give in one aspect: those who are suspended until production is normalized, will receive 60 percent of the normal salary and not 75 percent as is usual in these cases.

According to the secretary of Smata in Córdoba, Antonio Quintana, and sources from the French company, the agreement in the first place contemplates that, when returning to work, the workers will organize themselves in two six-hour shifts.

“We came with an eight shift. The two and a half hours that will be missing (considering the recess space) will be paid at 50 percent, ”Quintana said.


But this will apply when the factory already starts assembling vehicles again. From Renault they understand that “surely the work will not start the day after the quarantine is lifted, because there are logistics and supply facilities that must be rearranged and it takes time.”

“From the time the isolation ends until they actually start working, the staff will be suspended. Those suspensions will be paid at 60 percent, stipulated in the agreement with Smata for this very difficult and critical context, “added a spokesperson for the automaker.

One aspect to keep in mind is that last March 31, the contracts of 450 hired workers expired. They were extended for six months.

On March 31, the agreement that Renault and Smata made in May last year also expired, to guarantee the job stability of the 1,500 workers that the company has in Córdoba, and which implied a 70 percent reduction in wages.

Quintana now assured that this new agreement with Renault also implies guaranteeing the job stability of the operators until January 31, 2021. This point was not ratified by the company.

Another point that needs to be clarified is that the agreement covers not only the employees of the Santa Isabel factory, but also those of the aluminum smelting plant located in the Los Boulevares neighborhood.