Coronavirus in Argentina: he is from Junín, managed to return from Brazil and has been stranded in Retiro for four days

Earlier this week, four mics with Argentines repatriated from Brazil and Paraguay they arrived at the terminal of Retirement. Nevertheless, some of the passengers still could not go home and they have been stranded at the station for several days.

In dialogue with TN, Alfio, a young man from the Buenos Aires city of Junin, He gave details about the situation he is going through in the terminal after his return to the country on Monday night.

“Beyond the fact that they made different people return to their places, for me there is no concrete answer“He began. Given this scenario, he said that he has been sleeping at the station for four days and added:” The prices are very high in the places where they provide us with food. We only have water

Concerned, he reproduced the message he received from the authorities. “The answer they gave me today was that I am within the province and that I should leave on my own.”he assured.

However, Alfio argued that, given the lack of circulation of long-distance means of transport and the inability of his friends and family to go find him, has no way to return. Meanwhile, he noted that the fee for the transfer in cab even his house is from $ 15,000.

I was in Brazil three months ago, but faced with the situation the country is experiencing, I decided to return to Argentina, “said the young man, who noted the lack of a response from the State.”I cannot spend three nights in the terminal with people who come from other countries, when we do not know if I have the virus or if others have it. However, I’m still here, “he said.

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