Chubut: died while waiting for a circulation permit to go to El Bolsón for surgery

A woman from Lago Puelo, a town located northwest of Chubut, died while waiting for the circulation permit in the middle of the quarantine to undergo a tumor in El Bolsón. “When my mom saw that the authorization was not coming, it fell apart,” she told his daughter, Marisa D’angelo, who is now waiting for a response from the provincial authorities for neighbors who are in a similar situation.

María del Carmen Martínez she was a lawyer from the Andean Region. She was sick with cancer and, in the last month, the appearance of a tumor complicated her condition, so she had to undergo an emergency operation at a clinic in El Bolsón. “The Lago Puelo hospital, beyond human quality, has nothing,” D’angelo, also a lawyer, told this newspaper.

Before any complication, the residents of Puelo Lake, Epuyén, El Maitén and El Hoyo “They depend on El Bolsón not only as a shopping center, but for basic health demands,” said the woman.

For this reason, when the family learned that Martínez had to undergo surgery, he began to process the permit to circulate in the midst of the mandatory quarantine issued by the Government. The response took 15 days to arrive and was negative. “Attentive to your request, it has not been approved,” they wrote from the province’s Ministry of Security. The mail arrived on April 4, five days after the woman died.

The email that Marisa D’angelo received, in which they rejected the circulation permit. (Photo: Facebook)
The email that Marisa D'angelo received, in which they rejected the circulation permit. (Photo: Facebook)
The email that Marisa D’angelo received, in which they rejected the circulation permit. (Photo: Facebook)

“When my mom saw that the permit was not coming, it fell apart. He said ‘maybe they don’t want me to live, I have to die’. In a few days he left, “said D’angelo, who had also requested authorization to move to the Lago Puelo police station.

The lawyer pointed against the provincial government and claimed that there are neighbors in similar situations that need an urgent response. So far the only officials who have contacted the family are the Minister of Health, Fabian Puratich, and Deputy Governor Ricardo Sastre.

“There are officials who are breaking the law, because they have already abandoned one person and continue to abandon the rest, they are blind and deaf, ”D’alonso told a local media, referring to those who must travel to El Bolsón to collect their pensions, obtain medications or be treated urgently at the hospital. .

Now the woman receives messages from people who, like her mother, expect the government to give them permission to move for reasons of extreme need.

“My mom is already dead, you have to let her rest in peace. Now I have to get strong to fight for the people who need to live. “ the woman stated. He added: “There are five people who have to do dialysis and they are not allowed to go. I am not interested in reporting, but rather that something be done.”

For his part, Federico Massoni, Chubut’s security minister told that, once permission was requested, “the woman was required a medical certificate or shift and nothing was sent to us.” “We tried to communicate by phone with the person, but there was no response,” he said.