“At 60 DEAD put a zero more”

The journalist and driver referred to his mistrust by the official numbers given daily by the Ministry of Health of the Nation

After interviewing Gloria Nicolás, an Argentinean who contracted coronavirus during her vacation on board a cruise ship and who has just been released, Eduardo Feinmann was suspicious of the official numbers provided by the Ministry of Health of the Nation about the dead and infected with covid-19.

“I am going to give a single example of a sanatorium in the Federal Capital; I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like in the rest of the country. Last week there were nine beds occupied by patients with coronavirus. Yesterday there were already more than 30. Imagine how this is multiplying“said the host of Radio Rivadavia.

“The sanitarium had to evict the patients who were in those beds and they occupied an entire hotel that they had to rent to move those patients and now they are about to rent another hotel because another wave is coming. It is impressive,” he warned.

“I have the same data,” said Dr. Claudio Zin, who is on his program. “The system is not in stress yet, but if we lift our foot from quarantine we will quickly become stressed“he added.

And give official figures: “There are 1,715 positive cases and 60 deaths, out of 12,000 tests.”

“For me, put the number of infected a zero more,” said Feinmann. “And to the number of 60 dead put a zero more or multiply it by 60”, he concluded.

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