Pilar country fines up to $ 30,000 to members who violate quarantine

The decision was made because a member was taking night walks, justified by a medical certificate signed by a direct family member

The directory of the country El Barranco, located at kilometer 38.5 of the Pilar branch, informed its inhabitants that “the non-compliance by some partners of mandatory preventive social isolation was detected when carrying out prohibited activities such as walks, pet walks, activities physical, cycling, outings not duly justified, etc. “

For this reason, those who breach the isolation will apply “a fine of $ 15,000 for the first breach, and $ 30,000 in the event of a second violation of said restriction, beyond complaints to the National Authorities of which they are liable.”

In arguing for the application of this fine, it was explained that the breach of the isolation “not only a crime, but also a very reprehensible lack of ethics,” reported the newspaper Perfil.

The communication to the partners was generated because one of its inhabitants -owner of an own lot of approximately one thousand square meters- took walks outside the perimeter of their property.

Before the call of attention of her misconduct, that is to say that she was out of her property and that she did not have a justification that warranted it, the owner wielded a medical certificate signed by a direct family member who informs that due to her state she must take “walks daily with possible collections given the COVID19 pandemic. “

This doctor-patient familiarity generated doubts and he was warned again of his misconduct and the fine. And the neighbors were asked to collaborate so that everyone complies with the mandatory isolation, added the morning.

Given this situation, the response of said woman and her family to the Directory was to ask that given the unwanted seclusion “they not start a witch hunt” and that the “night getaway” that the family group made was at night so as not to disturb the rest of partners.

In addition, he suggested that the existence of minors “who do not understand why they should be detained” be taken into account – not as justification. Of course, they asked to dismiss the fine to avoid an escalation of conflicts.

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