Bioceres acquires 50% of Tecnoseeds shares and 40% of Agrality

With the combination of both companies they seek to create one of the CROs (by Contract Research Organization) most specialized globally in agrotechnologies

The Argentine agricultural biotechnology company Bioceres acquired 50% of the capital of Tecnoseeds, a company dedicated to research and development services in agrotechnologies.

In addition, it also subscribed 40% of Agrality SA, a firm dedicated to the production of hybrid and autogamous seeds of high technological quality. As part of the transaction, Tecnoseeds will join Indear SA in order to develop precision agriculture and artificial intelligence solutions geared towards the sector.

“The investment in Agrality seeks to strengthen the Argentine firm as a reference provider for counter-season seeds, a key capacity to accelerate new technological launches,” they said in the firm. With the association between the two companies, they intend to approach an estimated turnover of US $ 25 million.

While with Tecnoseeds that estimate would be around US $ 20 million for next year. “The acquisition of the shares of both companies by Bioceres should accelerate the arrival of their products on the market and position itself as the leader in the two business segments (R&D and seed production) throughout Latin America,” added Bioceres. .

With the combination of both companies they seek to create one of the CROs (by Contract Research Organization, name used for this business segment) more specialized globally in agrotechnologies with field experimentation centers and under controlled conditions in Venado Tuerto and Pergamino, Argentina ; and Lafayette and Grand Forks, United States; and more than 40 satellite locations.

In addition, laboratories with capacities for the development and characterization of biotechnological events by editing or genetic transformation will be added, using advanced molecular improvement techniques, among other unique capacities in the industry, today based in the city of Rosario.

The companies will form the same economic group under the leadership of Juan Cruz Lizarralde as CEO, who is a founding partner of Agrality SA and Tecnoseeds R&D US Inc.

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