BANCO PROVINCIA launches its own wallet

The Buenosairean governor will announce this app that will allow to open an account in the bank without cost, only with the DNI and the face scan

The Buenosairean governor, Axel Kicillof presented this Wednesday in La Plata the application “Account DNI” of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires, it was officially reported.

As explained, it is an app that allows you to open an account at the official bank at no cost, only with your ID and face scan.

The person will then receive the debit card and can carry out all kinds of operations from the cell phone. Although it is not a “fintech”, since it is leveraged in a traditional bank, the app will allow certain popular functions to be performed in digital wallets.

For example, money can be sent to another person, as long as they also have a DNI Account; recharge transportation and cell phone cards.

It is also a tool for businesses, independent workers (fairgrounds and micro-entrepreneurs, among others) “looking for an easy way to sell, buy, send and receive money between users at no cost”, highlighted Banco Provincia.

And he added that one of the main advantages of this new “app” is that it reduces the handling of cash, with the possibility of making distance sales and accreditation of payments immediately.