Who are and what do José C. Paz’s “virus hunters” do?

Two brothers, a cousin and a brother-in-law are four of the many Silent volunteers helping fight the coronavirus In our country.

They are José C. Paz’s “virus hunters”, and they go out every day to sanitize public places where people who have to go out to work yes or yes are concentrated.

“Three weeks ago the idea came up to help people in need. And we started disinfecting banks, ATMs, police stations, patrol cars and public places“explained Alan, one of the drivers of this move.

Along with his brother, brother-in-law and a cousin they also disinfect the walls of the central area of ​​José C Paz. They wanted to give a hand in the hospitals, but they were told that the municipality was in charge.

“We also give people antibacterial hands, which lasts three hours and is better than alcohol gel“said Nahuel, another of the volunteers.

Of course, to help they had to take all precautions. They first did a course on handling chemicals (they use sodium hypochlorite) as well as buy the spraying machines, the suits and the chinstraps they use for their task.