Today’s horoscope, Tuesday April 7, 2020


A very active day, the Arians will feel energy to carry out all the tasks that are pending. With some sadness at the same time, they find the moment to face a dialogue that was pending.

Moment: amber in color.


Try not to become unbalanced or overwhelmed with the tasks you must do. Doing what you can is a good option for times of high stress. Think positively, what is not so beneficial comes the same, not pessimism.

Moment: reddish in color.


You will see expected news arrive. The premise is to consider that everything arrives, that everything moves, that everything can change. Geminians with internal mobilization, seeking in the heart of the other the sincere union. Advances.

Moment: pink in color.


Cancerians with skin-deep intuition manage to decipher issues that concern them. Keep in mind that when we focus on a situation, we can always find answers that we may not see and are in plain sight.

Moment: forest green.


It may happen that many times we consider our point of view to be correct or just or true. Listening to the other is a way to verify that we are not always right, and that alleviates character.

Moment: pure white.


With a high probability of success, Virginians should be calmer when they must present their knowledge. Peace of mind helps to expand awareness and acquired knowledge. Delight in demonstrating.

Moment: silver color.


Symptoms of mistrust and exaggeration of thoughts, only lead us to lose peace. Deepening the concept that there is no need to mistrust and that doing so speaks ill of ourselves. Respect all freedom.

Moment: jet color.


Those looking to do activities are highly likely to catch a glimpse soon. Learning new things also opens up a range of possibilities, also proving that it gives us a lot of incentive and desire to do.

Moment: navy blue.


You have to try to find different ways of taking things. Sometimes fiery behaviors become dangerous. Sagittarians try not to feel that everything is lost, family problems deserve and require solving.

Moment: lemon yellow.


Different proposals in the financial field, the Capricorns would analyze very much in their analytical style the conveniences. Changes in the lives of some, possible pregnancies and births. Try to go step by step, everything comes.

Moment: mint color.


Everything is according to the glass you look at it, says the phrase, and it is so. Aquarians would be in a day with ample thought, very opportune to meditate on what was said. Good news from the hand of love. They value the smallest things.

Moment: orange in color.


Mental vacation for Pisceans. Special day to decide to spread out and a little bit of selfishness in a good way, it doesn’t hurt. Pisces always wants to take charge of situations, letting go, letting things be, it will ease them.

Moment: silver in color.