Real Estate: Proaco makes a point with digital sales tickets

Grupo Proaco digitized from end to end the commercialization of its real estate products, including the sales ticket, which allowed it to resume operations suspended due to the health emergency.

For that, he used the token (authentication and security factor) of the digital signature previously certified, through the Cordoba Encode, and which was already using its accounting firm for the payment of salaries.

Since last Friday, the Cordoba developer has been calling on her peers from the rest of the country and real estate agents to do so too, so that this tool gains confidence among buyers and the market is reactivated, almost paralyzed since the quarantine began.

“It emerged as a conjunctural need. When the isolation began, there were operations ready to implement (for the buyer to make the deposit and then the bill of sale to be signed) and which could not be done. Now, not only can they be closed without any of the parties moving from their homes, but it is also possible to speed up remote sales, “explained Lucas Salim, CEO of Grupo Proaco.

With this system, the company has closed 12 sales that it had started and has another 30 in process, according to the manager.

Until now, I did the dissemination and advice virtually. The client paid a reservation first and then, when paying 25 percent of the property’s value, the operation was closed with the signing of the purchase ticket in person.

When it came to operations with clients from other provinces, document shipments were made by email and traditional, and were closed when the buyer could come to Córdoba to complete the process.

Since last week, instructions have been sent to the buyer to carry out the operation virtually. Accepted the contract, which was previously reviewed, is sent in a PDF format file that cannot be altered, with the digital signature certified by Encode, under the law 25.506 on Digital Signature, which has been in force since 2001.

In this way, the certificate of sale comes with the certified signature of the seller, which is “what really matters,” said Salim. Anyway, in the coming days, the company will add to its digital system the obligation for the buyer to accept the terms and conditions of the contract, something that until now is implicit with the payment of 25 percent of the property.

Open opportunity

“This scheme opens a very great opportunity to boost operations throughout the country,” stressed the businessman.

60 percent of the buyers in Pocito, their development in Vélez Sársfield almost on the corner of Pueyrredón, live outside the capital Córdoba. Half are from the provincial interior and the rest from Patagonia, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires (mainly in corporate offices) and the NOA.

Likewise, for its Docta urbanization, with parallel access to the route to Villa Carlos Paz, it launched a promotion on its website where the interested party can locate the lot in a on line, know what dimensions it has, its location, the year of possession, the list price and even select it.

Last Friday, the directors of Proaco held a virtual meeting with members of the Business Chamber of Urban Developers (Cedu), which integrates entities and firms from all over the country, in which they explained the technical and legal details of the virtual operation, to add other companies to the digital sales contract, since it is the first to reach this instance.

In turn, Salim called real estate agents for sale on line of products that development companies have, since the isolation prevents visiting and showing real estate from the used market.

“The digital signature law has existed since 2001, but a problem like this had to happen for the sector to sit down and see how to implement it. When the market understands that it is valid, safe and legal, it will be more receptive and start to move, “he added.

Virtual Operative: Distance sales

Digital ticket, tool to leave Córdoba.

60% This is the percentage of buyers from the Pocito development who are not from Córdoba capital. Proaco wants to sell in the country and abroad.

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The original text of this article was published on 04/07/2020 in our printed edition.