NASA explained what a “sky motorcycle” is, the strange space hum that rumbles from the atmosphere

In recent days, amid the coronavirus pandemic, several people registered on social networks some strange noises in the sky that awakened the wildest theories, among them, those of the “apocalypse” or the “end of the world”.

The reality of the phenomenon of “space whirring” is another: it is called “sky-motorcycle”, that is to say, something similar to an earthquake but in the sky. According to what the newspaper published Clarion, these rumblings they are more frequent than it seems.

NASA specialists assure that while on Earth the seismic movements happen due to a plate collision, in space they are caused by a collision of hot and cold air masses.

In a 2011 article analyzing the phenomenon in a region of the United States, one of the leading meteorological scientists in the United States, David Hill, argued that “sky bikes” can be generated in different parts of the world and at any time. so much “by waves that hit the cliffs even by the fall of a meteorite”.

The bizarre hums coming from the sky could be heard more clearly these days, it is believed, due to the particular situation that exists in almost everyone: the coronavirus pandemic.

The low industrial noise pollution due to the collapse of the activity could have been the window that was left open for the strange sounds that occur in the usual way. but they are seldom heard so clearly.