Covid 19: launch digital platform that brings together solidarity initiatives

Through an initiative of various organizations, which are working to combat the spread of coronavirus in the country, it was launched

It is a digital platform whose objective is to give visibility to these initiatives to increase their articulation possibilities and to obtain funds, and thus maximize their impact in the emergency situation.

According to its predecessors, it seeks to connect those people who want to help with those who need help.

Anyone can donate directly to the organization of their choice, simply and directly.

The organizations that make up the platform can receive donations directly through Mercado Pago at no cost and with funds cleared within 24 hours.


In, actions of social organizations that work in the emergency to strengthen or supply the health system, accompany the most vulnerable communities by providing food, containment or hygiene items and vulnerable groups (older adults and people living on the street) )

The initiatives are organized into categories so that it is easy to find where and how each one wants to contribute. is a solidarity and collaborative proposal promoted by the Business Council of Sistema B Argentina together with Mercado Libre and the support of Fundación Noble, Fundación Nación, Adepa, and VPM, among other institutions.