Coronavirus | The lament of another doctor threatened by her neighbors: “They applaud you and then you meet these posters”

Elizabeth Melania Alfaro She is an oncologist who works at the Garrahan Hospital and never intuited that she would become another doctor. threatened by its neighbors on the pretext that it may pose a risk from the coronavirus.

Last Friday his neighbors from the apartment where he lives, in Villa Ortúzar, put up a poster for don’t use the elevator, with the threat of resorting to Justice in case it does so. The doctor repudiated the message and spoke of the contradictions of some people. “They applaud you every night and then you came across these posters. We cannot go from applause to harassing healthcare professionals in general, “he complained.

The anonymous note reads: “To the doctors in the building: we ask you not to use the elevators or to circulate through them. Many older adults live here, population at risk. Take measures to avoid having to fall in Justice. they have to take care and be responsible, think of the other! Each one knows what to do about the coronavirus. “

In his Facebook account he related the distressing and unfair situation he suffers. “This paper was stuck in my building, I saw it when I was going to work in Garrahan. I clarify that in addition to knowing what we have to do to circulate in the building I have at home to my 84 year old mother, who I take care of with all my effort, “he explained.

He said he feels “shame of others and sorrow” of its neighbors and clarified that the note was not placed by the administration. She indicated that the claim includes her family, made up of her husband and daughter (both doctors) and also another owner who is also a health professional. He explained that he contacted his lawyer with the warning that the other owners could “go to Justice”.

He spoke of the contradiction of some people, who go out on the balcony every night to applaud and highlight the work of the doctors, but who later have this type of repugnant attitude. “We look bipolar: they applaud you and then you meet these posters. The feeling it gives you is very painful. We are many who are shouldering, but these situations take the miseries deeper, “he lamented.

The doctor replied to her neighbors the same poster in which they intimidated her (Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Melania Alfaro).
The doctor replied to her neighbors the same poster in which they intimidated her (Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Melania Alfaro).

In addition to exposing the situation on his Facebook account, he made catharsis in the same note of the building. “I hope they never need us or turn to a healer. Thank you for being such good human beings. The doctors in the building know very well what we have to do. It is very nice to know that you live in such a solidarity consortium, “he replied wryly, on behalf of all those affected by the message.

She said that she, her family and her colleague are outraged by the situation. “On Friday when I was going to work I found that paper stuck in the elevator of my building. The structure is small, since we are eight owners who we all know each other. We have lived here for 17 years, “he said in dialogue with Delta radio.

He assured that he always maintained a “very cordial” relationship with his neighbors and that he never had a problem with them. He believes that what happened happens out of fear generated by COVID-19, but also out of ignorance.

He criticized that “it is much easier paste a poster, that he was anonymous, that he called on the phone and asked. “He assured that like patients, doctors are also afraid, since they are very exposed to getting the virus.

He considered that the pandemic “bring out the worst Unfortunately, some people, as in all crises. “He clarified that they also had the support of many people such as the person in charge of the building, who expressed solidarity with them due to the unfortunate situation they are going through.” We did not save one by one, this is collective, “he explained.

The antecedent in Belgrano

One of the first cases was at the beginning of the month in a building in Belgrano, where the consortium intimidated a doctor to avoid moving in the common parts, touching the latches and railings of the stairs in a preventive way, alleging potential contagion of coronavirus.

The day after he moved to an apartment on Amenábar Street, his neighbors they passed under the door a letter warning that they would take legal measures if he came to put the health of any of them at risk.

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