Coronavirus: again long lines of retirees in front of a bank in Quilmes


Last Friday in the banks of all the country endless queues of retirees and pensioners were seen to collect their assets despite the strict quarantine that Argentina had been carrying. As a result of this, President Alberto Fernández admitted that the chaos “He put the quarantine effort at risk.”

In addition, he held a meeting in Olivos with the head of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce, the head of ANSES, Alejandro Vanoli and the head of La Bancaria, Sergio Palazzo, where steps were taken to prevent chaos from recurring.

Nevertheless, this morning a user from TN and La Gente registered a long queue in front of the bank Supervielle de Quilmes located at the intersection of Alem and San Martín streets, in the heart of the southern town of the suburbs.

The user tells in the video that at first the retirees They were sitting, but that someone made the decision that they would line up to expedite the process without respect the recommended distance.

Queues in front of banks last Friday

After being closed for several days, branches across the country opened their doors and people crowded to collect. The authorities did not take precautionary measures and a large number of people were seen in front of the banks, with cold and din respecting the distance of two meters.

As a result of this chaos, there was an emergency meeting in Olivos and it was decided that the banks opened Saturday and Sunday and a payment schedule.


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