A doctor speculates that the numbers of dead are badly counted

“I am speaking in good faith. I am not invoking fraud or anyone hiding anything. We have a very weak health system,” said Conrado Estol

Conrado Estol, a neurologist doctor with no accredited experience in epidemiology, speculated that in Argentina the number of victims due to the coronavirus pandemic is not well counted, pointing out that the number of those infected did not double.

“We all know that there are very serious diseases in which treatments can cure but are very risky,” said the doctor in newspaper reports.

The doctor explained that “you have to have numbers to decide about the quarantine. Sometimes there is too much talk about testing and it is confusing. Today’s number is weird. As of Monday, March 30, which was our 30th, we arrived with a thousand infected and 20 dead. Today, a week later, the number has not even doubled, “he said.

To argue his speculation he said: “In Italy 0.21% of the total population of Italy was positive. If we had 0.2 of the positive population, we would have to have 100,000 infected. In Germany the positive percentage of the total population is 0.1. If we had the percentage of positives as Germany has, we would have to have 50 thousand positives. However it gives us 1,500 because we have done 8,500 tests so far. Compared to Chile, which has 18 million people and have carried out 50,000 tests, “he said.

I am aware that the government is making efforts to test more, I know that they understand perfectly the value of the tests. I’m not fully understanding what the logistics problem is that it doesn’t get amplified, “Estol said when speaking about the coronavirus test kits.

According to the neurologist, “this health system cannot withstand a new wave of patients. It may be counting poorly, even dead people. I think that the number of dead is poorly counted, the numbers are not reasonable,” without adding more tests to his speculation.

I am speaking in good faith. I am not invoking fraud or that anyone is hiding anything. We have a very weak health system, “he said, trying to tone down his speculation.

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