They analyze to exempt from the payment of the 30% tax to the Argentineans who are stranded

The chancellor, Felipe Solá confirmed it. “It all starts with a presidential decision, yes or no, that we don’t know yet,” he warned.

The Argentine chancellor, Felipe Solá, assured this Sunday that the national government is evaluating exempting from the 30% tax on card expenses abroad for those Argentines who are stranded in different countries of the world waiting to be able to return to Argentina. “We are evaluating it, but we are not succeeding, because bureaucratically it is difficult,” he said.

Solá said that it would be “efficient” to be able to remove that tax in this special circumstance, but that would not imply that “the people who can pay for things pay for them by card.” He said that he is in permanent contact with the consuls of the main cities of the world to tell them what are the steps to follow. In addition, he explained that each consul makes an evaluation of the cases of vulnerable passengers who are stranded to give them priority in returning to the country.

“It is a decision that passes through a suggestion by the Foreign Ministry and decisions of the Central Bank”, andexplained the chancellor, while remarking: “Everything starts with a presidential decision, yes or no, which we do not yet know. In that sense, he assured that the removal of the country tax” is a point that we have added as possible and that it also depends on the economy minister. “

During a radio interview, the national government official explained that the help for the stranded varies according to the needs that each one has. “In some cases aid is a remedy, in others aid is for people who are on the street and in others it is to get cheap hotels and try to bank them halfway,” he said. And he added: “We have given them a figure so that they try not to overstep,” referring to the amount they can use to subsist abroad until the time comes to return.

With respect to that aid that the Government is granting, Solá manifested a certain annoyance at the attitude of some stranded passengers. “Argentines are very fast. They got my phone and they ask me: Where am I going to withdraw my dollars? “He said, and then replied:” I am a little outraged by those who say “it is my right. No, the law is the right of the vulnerable. Anyone with a little money has to endure the pandemic and bank himself as much as possible. “

In another section of the radio dialogue, he explained the phenomenon that is occurring with the Argentine stranded. “In the last 20 days, many Argentines who were very far away, in Thailand, India or the countries of Eastern Europe, when they knew that they could not enter Argentina, came as close to the country as possible. Many arrived in Panama, Mexico, Santiago de Chile and San Pablo, “he said.

“That movement involves leaving the place where they were and going to an airport or a hotel, in case they can get it. It is an adventure,” he said. With respect to this movement, the Government began to work to drain the borders of the neighboring countries and to carry out more repatriations.

On the other hand, he explained the reason why in the last 10 days the list of Argentines who want to return to the country was enlarged. “There are a large number of Argentines who go to Andorra, to the snow, or to Cancun, to the beach, to work and get to know the places, do tourism. Those jobs were ended by the coronavirus and then a mass of people who wanted to come back. Tourists add to that, “he said.

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