The Government enacted the special retirement reform law

After the Senate approved it in mid-March, the new system will finally take effect throughout the national territory

After Congress signed it into law in mid-March, the Government enacted the reform of the pension system for members of the Judiciary, the Public Ministry and the Nation’s Foreign Service. The measure will take effect from Tuesday, the day after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Among other things, the norm raised from 11 to 18% the contributions to be made during their respective activities by those who are reached by these special regimes, and established the initial credit at 82 percent of the average of the last 120 salaries they received “during the period immediately prior to the definitive cessation of service “.

Furthermore, these modifications They also established a gradual increase in the age required to complete the retirement process, in order to reach 65 in 2025. in the case of men, while for women the minimum will remain at 60.

Through Decree 349/2020, the Executive Power made the new law sanctioned by the Senate last March 12 official and ordered its publication in the Official Gazette and that the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security be informed of the changes, given by Claudio Moroni.

Among other things, the text indicated that to access retirement, judges and prosecutors must prove at least “thirty years of service with computable contributions in one or more regimes included in the retirement reciprocity system”, and meet certain requirements.

In this sense, to obtain the benefit, the members of the Judiciary and the Public Ministry will have to have worked at least ten continuous years or fifteen discontinuous years in any of the positions reached by this special regime.

Also, it will be obligatory to be “in his exercise at the moment of fulfilling the other necessary requirements to obtain the ordinary retirement“and” definitively cease “with their professional activities to begin receiving their assets.

In no case the initial retirement “may be higher than the total remuneration, subject to contributions and contributions, after deduction of the personal contribution”, corresponding to the moment in which the service was stopped, although it “will be mobile”.

Those who do not comply with the 10 continuous years of work or fifteen 15 discontinuous ones, “they will have the right to be recognized the period during which they have performed in charges “and may charge” according to the pro rata tempore scheme, in accordance with the guidelines established in the regulations in this regard “.

Meanwhile, the credit for disability will also “be equivalent to eighty-two percent 82% of the average of the last one hundred and twenty updated salaries, subject to contributions and contributions,” which were received by the official “during the period immediately prior to the contingency”.

On the other hand, all these same rules run for the members of the Foreign Service of the Nation, with the difference that in the case of diplomats the retirement age was not changed, since the minimum was set at 65 years before this law.

In addition, the norm clarified that for this sector “the provision of services in destinations considered dangerous or unhealthy will not be double computed in order to prove the requirement of years” of activity.

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