Coronavirus | About 11 thousand tests were carried out in more than 100 laboratories

So far 10,709 tests have been carried out coronavirus in the country, both at the Malbrán Institute, the first to carry them out, and at authorized laboratories. The Ministry of Health reported in the daily report that the figure translates into 236 tests per million of inhabitants, indicated the undersecretary of Sanitary Strategies Alejandro Costa. He explained that the positivity index of the samples is 16.29%.

So far there are 48 deaths and 1,554 cases, while 325 people they were discharged. The Secretary of Access to Health Carla Vizzotti clarified that the number of those infected with a travel history is on the decline, and insisted on the need for those who return to the country and their loved ones quarantine to minimize this type of cases.

He explained that he follows the process of decentralization of the tests and that on Sunday 771 samples were processed in total, of which 14% were performed in Malbrán and the rest in network laboratories. So far they have been analyzed 10,709 samples in total.

Argentina is one of the countries that does not perform massive tests of coronavirus, despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the experiences of countries such as South Korea, which attributes its success in the fight against the pandemic in multiplying analyzes.

So far 236 tests have been carried out in the country per million inhabitants. Far from Norway, with 10,000 per million of citizens, in Germany 1,400, in the United Kingdom 1,000 and in Switzerland 700, according to the global statistics site

One of the infectologists who advises the Government, Eduardo López, He asked that more tests be done before the quarantine is relaxed on April 13. “We are in a low number compared to other countries, and if you are going to relax the quarantine you will have to test more,” he said in dialogue with Continental Radio.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Photo: Infographic
What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Photo: Infographic