A tree fell on Corrientes Avenue and destroyed three cars: “I was saved by a miracle”

Minutes after noon on the avenue Currents to 4800 in the Villa Crespo neighborhood A tree fell and smashed three cars.

Ramiro Andrade, a user of TN and The People who was at the scene, recorded the scene and shared it on the citizen journalism portal.

The young man said that he is a delivery man of cleaning supplies, and had gone down to deliver merchandise when he heard a noise, turned around and saw the fallen tree.

“I was two meters away and I was saved by a miracle. The tree smashed three cars and a taxi driver was slightly injured. He was attended by an ambulance that arrived minutes later, “said the young man.

The tree fell on a car that was parked, and caught two cars passing by, including a taxi. In the other vehicle was an older man with his grandson, who were uninjured.

The police arrived at the scene and for the moment the transit is interrupted.