The plotting politicians reappeared in the quarantine: a legislator from Tucumán distributed gel alcohol with his name

The plotting politicians do not rest even in full pandemic for him coronavirus. A legislator from the province of Tucumán donated items to health personnel from his province, but he stamped his name on the pots of alcohol gel, as shown in the photo he published on his Twitter account.

This is Gonzalo Monteros, son of the mayor of the town of Banda Río Salí, PJ legislator for the East section.

“In these times of pandemic, protecting those who are in the trenches by taking care of ourselves is a priority, so we made effective delivery of coveralls, electric thermometers, masks, chinstraps, gloves, cleaning supplies and many more, “said the official on his Twitter account.

In his description he forgot to mention the pot of prepared with 70% alcohol and 30% water that has a label with your name and title.

“Things that help the prevention and care of health personnel. This contribution is added, in addition, to the contribution of 50% of the legislator’s diet that will become effective from the next session. This pandemic is fought by all of us, you #QuedateEnCasa “, he added in one of his messages on social networks.