The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Spain increases by 674 to 12,418

MADRID, Apr 5 (Reuters) – The number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain rose to 12,418 on Sunday from 11,744 the previous day, representing an increase of 5.74%, according to data from the Ministry of Health, being the third consecutive day the daily figure decreases.

A total of 674 people died from the disease in the last day, down from the 809 reported the day before. The percentage increase continues to slow down, as the previous day was 7.4%.

For its part, the total number of registered cases rose to 130,759 on Sunday from 124,736 on Saturday, a figure 4.83% higher, which is also an increase lower than 5.97% on Saturday.

(Information from Jessica Jones; edited by Jason Neely; written in Spanish by Darío Fernández)