Coronavirus │ A woman died in the street of Palermo and they investigate if she was infected

A 77-year-old woman was found dead on the street in the Palermo neighborhood, and it is investigated if it was infected with coronavirus.

Everything happened this Friday at noon, on the corner of Mario Bravo and Honduras, where the City Police found this person. lying on the sidewalk while touring the area to enforce quarantine.

Members of the 2 B Neighborhood Police Station immediately ordered the implementation of the health protocol before a suspected case of Covid-19.

The SAME took charge of the situation and the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office Number 1 -in charge of Pablo Recchini- and the Secretary of Ángel Rendo were notified, and the acts for doubtful death and for the transfer of the body were drawn up.

Although the preliminary death report says that the cause will have been a heart attack, It is not ruled out that the retiree test positive for coronavirus after the autopsy and the swab to be performed.