This is how car agencies prepare for the day the quarantine is lifted

ACARA already prepares its dealers for when the quarantine ends. In March, just 17,700 units were sold, which implied a 55% drop

The situation of preventive and compulsory social isolation and the closure of automotive registrations across the country precipitated the early end of March, which left a bleak postcard in agencies and terminals.

From the Concessionaires Association (ACARA) they indicated that patents had been growing by 5% in the daily average compared to February.

However, as the mandatory quarantine led to the closure of these commercial premises and also of the Automotive Registries, the statistics for March closed early and left an unpublished number for this month.

ACARA reported that the number of patented vehicles during March amounted to 17,739 units, which meant a 55% drop compared to the same month last year.

However, the entrepreneurs are already preparing for when the isolation order is officially lifted.

“Through the dissemination of a sanitary protocol, ACARA began a process of awareness among its associates in order to adapt each of the areas of its dealers for the reopening, after the completion of the quarantine,” they indicated through a statement. .

“It is a very detailed document with the best practices recommended by NADA, the entity that represents American dealers, which are being adapted to be applied to dealers in our country,” they added.

In this regard, Ricardo Salomé, president of ACARA, expressed that “while continuing to attend to urgent issues, we are already working internally for when our activity resumes its usual rhythm And the main thing is to understand that the world is going to change from now on, and we must be extremely careful with processes and good practices. We want that, far from adding another concern about this issue, they know that we will accompany them from ACARA in everything necessary to adapt and train. The end of the quarantine, when the Government decides that it is, is going to start a new process for which we must start preparing now. “

Some of the good practices required by this protocol in sales rooms and areas dedicated to post sales are:


  • Daily and hourly cleaning process for all contact points. Surfaces include:
  • Printers, fax machines, telephones, countertops, desks, door knobs, handles, and drawer knobs.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Keyboards, mice, tablets, laptops.
  • Pens (all employees must have and use their own pen).
  • All interactive touchscreens throughout the dealership.
  • TV buttons and remote controls.
  • Bathrooms
  • Borrowed cars and exhibition cars.
  • Customer vehicles, including: keys and remote controls; exterior driver’s side door handle; steering wheel, including buttons; center console; armrest; touch screen; etc.


  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Eliminate all non-essential contact points (coffee, water, snacks, etc).
  • Suspend the use of beverage vending machines.
  • Check out all reading materials in the room, including brochures.
  • Arrange seats in the guest room to maintain the recommended distance.
  • Identify a HR contact for all managers to send an email to if an employee goes home sick.
  • Block and restrict the use of vehicles located in the showroom. If used, clean and disinfect after each use.
  • Open doors when possible to avoid touching door knobs.
  • All employees must have and use their own pen.
  • Remove all remote controls from the TV. Post instructions not to change channels on the TV.
  • Schedule a recurring morning conference call to include all managers from each department to address current status and best practices.
  • Set up a new email address for employees to submit questions related to the COVID-19 virus.
  • The human resources manager must manage the email account and send a daily email with all questions and answers.
  • Restrict access to the employee rest area and any other areas where people may congregate.
  • Allow employees to eat at their desks.
  • Establish a policy of social distancing and a rule of not shaking hands.

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