Coronavirus | The poem about the pandemic that traveled the world and moved the Pope

A poem called “The hope” He traveled the entire world in recent weeks for his moving lyrics in the midst of the bleak picture presented by the coronavirus. The work even reached the Pope Francisco, who was excited to meet her.

The curious thing about the poem is that, as it went viral on the networks, its authorship was awarded first to Benedetti, then to an anonymous Persian poet, and finally to the actor and humorist Luis Landriscina. But, upon learning this, the artist denied that it was his and set out to find out the true origin.

“Surely someone from Chaco or Chaco who received the poem said it was mine,” said Don Luis, in dialogue with TN ,. “But the author is Alexis Valdés, a Cuban actor and humorist who lives in Miami, United States, and he has his own television program, “revealed the artist.” I do not want to keep the merit of another, “he added.

For his part, Valdés, the confirmed author of the work, was excited to learn of the twists and turns his poem had accomplished. “It is an honor to have been awarded to Landriscina, because I admire him a lot, and also your honesty. When I started acting, in the 80s, my idols were Argentine actors, I am a fan of their culture“, Held.

As for his recent work, which reached none other than the hands of Pope Francis, he said that it was the situation that caused the pandemic that inspired him. “I was moved by the situation. I lived 15 years in Spain, I worked there and when I saw what was happening, inspiration came to me and I posted it on my Instagram, “he recalled.

“I think that those who take advantage of this time creatively, to read, create something, focus on something positive, are the ones who will be able to come out of this comforted,” he added.