The Ombudsman for the Third Age called for the resignation of the ANSES head because of the lack of control in the banks

After long waiting lines and the concentration of retirees in banks since Thursday night, the lawyer and defender of the Third Age, Eugenio Semino, asked for the resignation of two government officials: from the head of the Anses, Alejandro Vanoli and the secretary of Social Security, Luis Bulit Goñi.

“We ask for the resignation of Vanoli and Goñi as managers. There was no operation to prevent what was expected to happen, “said Semino in dialogue with Infobae.

“Nothing could have happened other than this. After 15 days without banks where the March monthly payment was not paid, the branches open the same day of the payment of the Universal Child Allowance. For a retiree to be 15 days without payment is a lot, “added the defender.

And he estimated that as a consequence of the lack of foresight, after waiting hours on the street, on a cold night, many retirees may be affected by diseases that can collapse the health system, especially in the province of Buenos Aires.