The man who was imprisoned for the femicide of his ex and married his sister has coronavirus

The first infected of coronavirus in the southern town of Truncated Peak He is a man known to his neighbors and almost the entire country. This is Víctor Cingolani, who was imprisoned for the femicide of his ex-girlfriend, Johana Casas, and He married Edith, the victim’s sister while incarcerated. Three years later he was acquitted.

Cingolani traveled to Spain but has already returned to Argentina. At the Barajas airport, Madrid, was interviewed by TN while waiting to be repatriated. “The truth is that we are having a pretty bad time, and that we have no answer for anything. I had a ticket for May but all flights were canceled. I have been at the airport for two nights,” he said in the report.

Once he arrived in the country, the March 18th, traveled by plane to Comodoro Rivadavia and then by micro to Pico Truncado. The whole trip was done with the chinstrap on.

Local hospital sources confirmed to Cingolani showed symptoms and the test was positive. He is currently in his house with police custody. He has been in isolation for 17 days and he will undergo a second examination and if he is negative, he will be discharged.

The same sources reported that all the people who traveled with him were contacted. Everyone asymptomatic, and since 14 days have passed, the incubation period of the disease is discharged.

The femicide of Johana Casas

The crime of the young model occurred on July 16, 2010 and had an unusual and unexpected outcome: his twin sister Edith married Cingolani, ex-partner of Johana, while in prison accused of being necessary participant of murder. In that opportunity He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

He passed three years detained until the Criminal Chamber of Caleta Olivia acquitted him because there were not enough elements to incriminate him.

Edith and Victor together, after being acquitted. (Photo:

The cause took an unexpected turn, when the same Chamber condemned Johana’s last boyfriend, Marcos “El Tosco” Díaz, as the material author. He had originally been accused of “necessary participant” in the murder for which Cingolani had already been convicted. Later, the prosecutor Carlos Rearte accused him of being “the material author” of the homicide, which is why the two men were convicted of the same act.