The fight against child malnutrition during the pandemic


When you got married, Sol, Soledad Schreuer, agricultural engineer and Beto, Heriberto RocciaAccountant, they already knew that their project was to leave their native Río Cuarto to move to the mount of Santiago del Estero. There, with initial contributions from the wedding guests and other resources, they created a foundation that they named Worthily, to recover girls and boys from the child malnutrition. Now, In the midst of the pandemic, they do not suspend their solidarity work.

Their original plan, which was to travel to Africa as missionaries, was relegated when they traveled to the province and realized that the local boys they visited, Weisburd delayed to respond to stimuli in games and activities. The reason was none other than malnutrition. They promised to come back to stay and do something about it, and they did.

His work not interrupted by isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. The doctors and nutritionists, psycho-pedagogues, speech therapists of the foundation leave the Nutrition Centers to reach each house.

Interdisciplinary teams visit house to house so that the boys do not abandon the treatment even if they cannot leave. (Photo: Worthily)

Children who are critically diagnosed and at high risk for having poorly developed immune systems continue to receive care during quarantine. In a week, redesigned all their protocols intervention, so that all patients continue to do the treatment. In addition, they articulated stimulation manuals child so that each home can pass the restriction of movements promoting the psycho-affective and cognitive development of their children.

Professionals carry chinstraps, gloves, jackets, disinfectants, disposable materials, digital scales, height meters, cephalic tapes, fortified infant formula, iron and zinc in their trucks. “We are not going to allow child malnutrition to continue doing its thing in the middle of the pandemic, the treatment must continue In spite of the isolation, we are trained for adversities ”, say Sol and Beto.

In this situation, malnourished children are even more exposed to contracting the coronavirus.

Sol specifies what they think the challenges of the situation are: “Right now it is essential to take care of the mental health of mothers or guardians, because they are the main agents of protection and care. For this reason, we create kits with materials and resources that we send home with the human promotion area to continue with the learning from the workshops of trades for moms, which empower them and increase self-esteem. ”

“In addition, we design with the child development team home games manuals adapted to the reality of our families, simple tools that promote the development of each boy or girl and strengthen the bond with their mothers, “he adds.

“Every family has a companion appointed who maintains frequent contact to be attentive to needs, thus ensuring that they can stay at home, “says Sol, adding:” We need to redouble our efforts to protect those in this situation. are even more exposed to get the virus. ”

“This is only accomplished with an aptitude, it is called conviction. Our team trains for that. Our words are not alien to him ”, they assure.

The campaign during the Covid-19 epidemic is called Home Heroes, and requires more funds than usual. Fuel for transfers to remote areas, safety equipment, making kits, cleaning implements increase operating costs. Donations are received on the foundation’s website.

To help, the foundation page in this link.


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