warn that the Government rejected a repatriation flight


Hundreds of Argentine workers were stranded in Andorra. An official decision canceled the possibility of a repatriation flight

The situation of hundreds of young Argentines who were working in Europe and need to return to Argentina is complicated day by day.

Many of them are stranded in Andorra, where they did not arrive as tourists, but as temporary workers for the ski centers.

It is about 350 Argentines who these days saw their return blocked due to an official decision from Argentina.

According to their employer, Ski Andorra, they had taken steps with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country that ended in the hiring of an Air France flight that would fly from Toulouse to Buenos Aires.

The flight was scheduled to depart on April 5, but – as the company emphasizes – the Argentine authorities denied the authorization.

The principality normally employs a large number of workers from Latin America, including many from Argentina. Now, due to the coronavirus, the ski resorts have been closed and many of the employees are adrift.

Here is the full Ski Andorra statement that reports the rejection of the flight from Argentina and that the company sent to Argentine employees:

As you all know, a great effort is being carried out by Ski Andorra together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism in order to find a solution for Argentine seasonal workers so that they can return to their country of origin.

During the last days, it has been working intensively to be able to locate 350 Argentine temporary workers on an Air France flight with an expected departure on April 5 from Toulouse, with a stopover to Paris. On the part of the Andorran Government and the ski resorts, all the logistics were ready, even the buses had already been hired to get to the French airport.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that lhe Argentine authorities have denied the authorization of the flight from France to Argentina.

Ski Andorra together with the Government, we will continue working these days doing everything possible to try to unblock this situation.

In this situation, we want to inform that those people who have deposited the flight money in the Ski Andorra accounts, that at the moment all the reservations are on hold to be able to use them in the event of unlocking the situation.

Otherwise, there is no doubt that the amounts corresponding to each of you will be returned.

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