They extend the credit to use the SUBE without balance

To facilitate the use of the card in public transportation, and avoid constant recharging, you can travel without funds

The Secretary of Transportation announced that, starting today, the card can be used GOES UP without balance with a greater margin of the negative, which expanded from 54 to 72 pesos.

The determination was made based on the consideration that the circulation of the people who are authorized to do so in the Decree of Necessity and Urgency, at this time of pandemic by the coronavirus, where it is essential to restrict movement.

Until now, those who had the card, could take a bus, train or subway without credit for three trips or a certain amount, but expanding that possibility guarantees that people do not have to waste time on the street to solve it when waiting for the medium. public transport.

On the other hand, the system GOES UP has available to passengers different channels to recharge cards online, without having to personally approach a recharge point, which solves this problem.

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