Quarantine: the negative balance of the SUBE card is extended to $ 72

The Ministry of Transport of the Nation informed that it extended the negative balance of the card GOES UP from $ 54 to $ 72, within the framework of compulsory social isolation.

With the increase, they can be done three to four trips after the original charge runs out. The measure went into effect this Thursday.

Public transport services can be used exclusively by the people who remain excluded of the government decree.

The Ministry recalled that, although the centers of attention of SUBE are closed, all procedures can be carried out normally from the web, having previously registered the card on the site.

Options to recharge the SUBE

In cash It can be loaded in supermarkets, subway recharge machines, train stations, warehouses, kiosks and pharmacies.

By way of electronics can be recharged from a cell phone, computer or ATM, through homebanking or payment applications.

After the purchase of the cargo has been made, accredit to the SUBE card. It can be done from an enabled cell phone, with the application “Load UP” just by supporting the card behind, or from Automatic Terminals located in stations and public spaces.