Playing with Matilda, training and wanting to see “someone special”: Luciana Salazar’s total quarantine

Before Alberto Fernández decree the total quarantine, Luciana Salazar The “fact” had already arrived that it would be so. In this way, he organized himself to go to the supermarket and make a large purchase -so that he did not have to do it the following days- and settled in his home. Nordelta together with her daughter Matilda, two years old, and his parents.

“We decided to spend it together because my parents were worried because I was alone with the baby. I thank God that I have them, that they contain me. We take care of each other and help each other “, explains the model in an exclusive interview with Teleshow.

“How many people must be alone … Among all the bad things that others may be having, I am very blessed to have been able to come here”, continues the one who decided to move to the house that he usually uses for the weekend since he lives in his department of Capital Federal from Monday to Friday.

His parents are over 60, and belong to the risk group. That is why Luciana is the person assigned to go shopping, while they stay looking after little Matilda.

What are the precautions you take when going out? “I look like a ninja”, jokes and details what he gets gloves, chinstrap – “Some say that it should not be used, but others do, and I agree” -, glasses, cap and a hooded coat. “I’m quite a fanatic, so I put gel alcohol on the gloves and also on the supermarket trolley barrel.”

According to his account, when he leaves the shop, he passes alcohol to each of the items and then keeps them in the trunk. When he gets home, he stands on a rag with bleach, cleans each product again, starts to wash the clothes he came out with and just there, Already sanitized, she greets her parents and daughter.

“Quarantine is not fun for anyone, but we are doing very well”, says and highlights the fact that her mother was the director of a kindergarten. “You know all the songs, the educational games.” As shared on social networks, the little girl enjoys playing in costumes, and games in the garden of the house. “It has many amenities, a small house, a bouncer, a hammock. I appreciate the situation I am in. It makes me sick to think of those who go through another situation ”.

Luciana maintains that her daughter is very young and “does not realize everything that is happening.” “What distresses me is that he had two days to complete the adaptation of the garden”, adds about the little one that had started 2 room in a bilingual school.

In this regard, he still did not receive news from the institution and the National Government did not dictate the date when the children return to school. “Even I was the one who warned in mom’s chat that this was coming for a long time.”

Meanwhile, the model indicates that “Matilda is happy enjoying her grandparents”, and she takes advantage of doing things that in other circumstances she could not. “The day is flying by, much more than at other times. Maybe because I wake up a little bit later. I am sleeping better than I slept before ”, she maintains and details that her parents wake up early and help her with her daughter.

During isolation, you are reading 21 lessons for the 21st century, book written by Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari. And instead of series, he entertains himself with movies he watches with his parents at night, once Matilda is asleep.

He also has a room with training machines – an elliptical, a spinning bike and weights – and maintains an exercise routine. “I’m a little lazy, but I do aerobic and a lot with the weights.”

What do you miss the most? “The freedom to go out, work and be with my friends”. In addition, he had to suspend two trips that he had scheduled and that he could not do due to the spread of the coronavirus. “The last days of March I was going to Miami with Matilda, and at Easter he had made a nice trip to Turkey

She was going to travel to the United States alone with her daughter, but another person would join the other destination. “It doesn’t matter who,” he says and clarifies that he does not like to talk about his private life. However, he confirms what he assured the last days on his Instagram account: When the quarantine is over, he will meet that “special person” whom he misses. “After this you want to hug all the people you love.”

On the other hand, Luciana maintains that the measures imposed by the National Government seem to her “good” and how Alberto Fernández is treating the pandemic. “It seems to me that Argentina caught it on time, compared to other countries. But The economy is also important, and more in such a damaged country. They left us a debt-ridden, melted-down government. It is very difficult to get out of this and more in this situation that nobody saw coming”, Analyzes who acquired an important role in politics in recent months.

“Health is important and it must be prioritized, but the economy cannot be closed. You have to see what the consequences of such a long quarantine would be. We have to give importance to that ”, emphasizes who signed a contract to join Controversy at the bar after Easter.

In addition, he agrees that politicians reduce his salary. “It seems to me that we all have to give something. They would also have to do something. There has to be an effort from everyone, we have to be supportive. Not only in Argentina, but in the world. With all this that is happening, there are people who are not charging, do not have a job. At least at this point it would be nice for politicians to cut wages“Concludes Luciana Salazar.