IDB seeks BLOCKCHAIN-based projects to curb family violence


Entrepreneurs, companies, startups, NGOs, foundations, etc. can participate in this challenge, individually or in consortium

He Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through IDB LAB, the Group’s innovation laboratory and the Everis Foundation, within the framework of the global alliance for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACChain) launched a challenge to find projects that prevent, mitigate and control the abuse, mistreatment and violence against the most vulnerable groups in the region.

As Everis reported to iProfessional In a statement, the challenge seeks blockchain-based solutions to protect vulnerable groups from potential aggressors, registering, for example, violent behavior, breaches of restraining orders or allowing accompaniment for victims.

In this challenge “Blockchangel “(Blockchain – Challenge – Angel) Entrepreneurs, companies, startups, NGOs, foundations, etc. can participate, individually or in consortium, that meet two requirements: that the proposed solutions are based on blockchain technology and that they can be applied anywhere in Latin America and / or or the Caribbean.

The organizers look for proposals that, from the blockchain technology, provide answers in the following complementary areas:

* Preventive scope – No more vulnerability: For example, solutions that allow geolocation or registration of violent behavior, detection of
risk, etc.

* Scope of action – No more impunity: For example, solutions that allow online registration and notarization, with legal validity.

* Scope of Control – No More Stigma: For example, solutions that allow the victims to be identified and the action protocols corresponding to their
vulnerability levels.

* Restorative environment – No more loneliness: For example, solutions that enable online, and anonymously, assistance and comprehensive care for victims. The teams that are selected will receive a comprehensive acceleration package for their project that includes financial, business and technological support from the organizers. In this way, they can become an essential tool to fight the social problems that most concern them.

The deadline for submitting proposals is until May 29. Those interested can expand all the details about this call and consult its bases at

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