Coronavirus | What will the return of the Argentines be like for qualified riders


The national government began to implement this Wednesday the “planned and controlled opening“of land, air, river and sea crossings under the modality of” safe corridors “, which will only allow the international transit of Argentines and residents to complete their repatriation, in the context of the measures adopted to contain the coronavirus in the country.

Following the closure of the borders for Argentines and residents in the country established on Friday to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Government opened some border crossings for the return to the country of Argentines and residents, although it maintained the prohibition of the entry of foreigners until the social isolation ends.

This was arranged after officializing the extension of the prohibition of entry into the country until April 12 to foreigners not resident in Argentina, and instructing to coordinate a schedule of gradual entry into the territory of people residing in the country and Argentines with residence abroad, through decree 331 published today in the Official Gazette.

The Ministry of the Interior, in charge of Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro, clarified that both in the eight land border crossings as in the ports or airports “Only the international transit of Argentines and residents in the country will be allowed to complete their repatriation.”

By order of President Alberto Fernández, the ministries of Health, Foreign Relations and Worship, Interior, Security, Defense and Transport worked on a scheme of “gradual and safe reopening of the borders.”

Regarding the new measure, the Government stated that “It aims to avoid health risks that compromise the effort that Argentines have been making with preventive and compulsory social isolation.“according to a statement from the Interior Ministry.

Meanwhile, the national director of Migrations, Florencia Carignano, stressed that “the important thing is that there will be an orderly entry and with safe corridors”, while she stated that “only some steps will be enabled where there will be a sanitary control to guarantee that the entrance is safe for all

The Interior Ministry also recalled that people entering the country will be controlled and must complete an affidavit stating if they have symptoms compatible with coronavirus, their origin and where they will comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

The income, step by step

Regarding land border crossings, the National Directorate of Migrations He informed that he will enable eight of them between 8 and 16 to allow the entrance of 500 people per day for each step.

Those who enter the country in private cars They must complete a certificate from the National Transportation Regulation Commission (CNRT) at the Migration posts, which will be valid for 24 hours, the stipulated time for entrants to the country to arrive at their homes.

For those who walk to those border crossings, The Ministry of Transport will provide a long distance bus service every day from 4pm.

The authorized border crossings will be: from Brazil, through the border of Pasos de los Libres (Corrientes); from Uruguay, by Gualeguaychú (Entre Ríos); from Bolivia, by Salvador Maza (Salta); from Chile, by Cristo Redentor (Mendoza), by Integración Austral (Santa Cruz) and San Sebastián (Tierra del Fuego); and from Paraguay, by Clorinda (Formosa).

Regarding international flights, It was established that the Ezeiza International Airport will be the only “safe air corridor”, for which reason the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “will continue to coordinate” return flights from Argentines “assigning priority due to age, chronic diseases or humanitarian issues.”

In this regard, Carignano announced that “international flights will start arriving first from destinations that are not at high risk of the pandemic and that will be decided by the Ministry of Health. ”

Regarding the sanitary operation for the reception of Argentines arriving from abroad, Migrations “will establish a safe corridor together with Border Health of the Ministry of Health, which provides for the income of up to 700 people per day

Regarding the transfer of these people, the Government designed a safe corridor from the departure of passengers from the Ezeiza Airport, where the Ministry of Transport will provide the necessary means to transfer the people who must carry out the quarantine.

As for the river and sea crossings, the companies providing the service will issue the programming of their trips.

The government also indicated that “in land, air and river passages, the controls carried out by Health and Migrations were reinforced, evaluating passengers if they have symptoms compatible with coronaviruses, by monitoring body temperature and using thermal cameras installed in Ezeiza” .


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