Coronavirus | The man who hid his symptoms to return by plane from Spain died

Died of coronavirus the 78 year old man who had boarded an Aerolineas Argentinas plane in Madrid last Saturday, without reporting that had compatible symptoms with viruses. He suffered respiratory failure in mid-flight and he had to be attended by two doctors who were also there as returnees to the country, when he arrived in Ezeiza he was transferred by ambulance to a health center.

As told to TN Federico Riorda Marún, one of the doctors who assisted him, the passenger he traveled with his wife and two other relatives. At first, they were informed that the man had coronary problems but, when his situation got worse, they assumed that for a week he had presented symptoms such as fever, cough, and trouble breathing, and that he had self-medicated with paracetamol.

“By asking the family we learn that the patient he had a fever for a week, who was on paracetamol of 1 gram every six hours, three days prior began with respiratory distress, cough and agitation, but did not consult a professional“, explained the Cordovan doctor, adding:” In the context of the pandemic, obviously what we suspected it was a Covid-19 infection. Because, we decided to activate the protocol on the aircraft to alert us on the ground that we had a suspicious case. “

It was there when the doctors, unable to return to Spain, mounted an intensive mini therapy in the passenger seat and they put together a mustache so he could breathe. In addition, they activated the protocol and took precautions, such as delivery of chinstraps to passengers traveling nearby of this man.

Thanks to the work of these two health professionals, this passenger, a native of Neuquén, arrived alive in Argentina. At the airport, Border Health intervened and transferred him to the Ezeiza Hospital, in the province of Buenos Aires, which provided special beds to receive patients with covid-19.

(Photo: Web Infographic)