Coronavirus and productive paralysis: “I have to choose who I am going to owe”

Isolation and concern about its economic consequences became part of the everyday scene in too many areas. Marcela Corbacho is an architect, has two teenage boys and a husband who works as a hammer. Since the coronavirus started, his working life stopped. Literally. It is that for his profession telework is not an option. Nor for bricklayers, electricians, or plumbers who work alongside an architect..

“I have a small architecture studio in the town of Canning, where I do renovations, blueprints and small works in the area where I live,” he says to Infobae-. I am enduring the coronavirus with the few savings I had, because the economic situation was already bad. But that mattress can last another week, not much more time and it is going to complicate me ”.

“I I can’t telecommute with the construction site or the remodel. You have to be present. You have to see how the masons, the plumber, the electrician work … There is no way to do it remotely. A badly placed covering or a badly placed flooring is much more expensive later -he explains-. I have to be able to understand what they want, where they live and a work cannot be done online. My work is done with people and with one brick on top of the other

Although she usually has an optimistic view of things, the architect admits that the social, preventive and compulsory isolation planned, until now, extended to April 12, will not imply simply returning to her work, as she would like. “The works that were already working and will not be long, will continue because each day that passes is a waste of money and, in addition, the cost of materials will be higher every time,” he says.

“But the problem is with the start of works or the projects that were in full negotiation,” he adds. “Right now people are wondering if they want to make an investment in remodeling or rebuilding or prefer to wait to see what will happen.”

It seems ironic, he says. Precisely this period of isolation allowed people to reconnect with their home, to think about what they would like to change or how they could feel better and that is when they could have more work.

As he said, the day the president Alberto Fernández announced the decision to enter isolation He spoke to the masons, the plumber, the contractor. “I asked them how we were going to do because my profession is as a team and we agreed to see what would happen. They said they could last a week. That week is over … We are all in it. I am not receiving payments, I depend on buying materials to advance, they need the materials to be able to do the work … And we are all in quarantine. ”

Even in the last week, before the decree came out, the masons went in fear of the work. They shared the alcohol gel, they greeted each other with their elbows. “We are all afraid. Because of this disease and why it will happen to our future ”he stressed.

Her husband has a real estate agency in the suburbs. “Things were wrong in his business due to lack of credits. The last time there was strong movement was at the beginning of the UVA credits more than three years ago. Everything was loose. Now it’s even worse. “

“It makes you mad to have to exhaust the savings but at least I had them. I know there are people who are worse than me, “he admitted. The school of one of his children had paid for it all together at the beginning of the year to freeze possible increases, but his daughter’s school is another and these days he does not know how he is going to pay it. “The only thing I am spending is on food and seeing the services. These days you have to choose who you owe