500 Startups Fund seeks Latin American entrepreneurs

Despite the contingency that the world faces with COVID-19, the international fund wants to promote the ideas of entrepreneurs in the region

The 500 Startups international fund is looking for talented entrepreneurs in Latin America to drive their dreams. The bottom looking for companies to invest and accelerate in its next program that starts in July this year. Starting on March 30, 2020 and until Sunday, April 26, entrepreneurs from the region will be able to present their startup’s proposal in the call available on the website aplica.500.co

The 10 startups selected in their evaluation process they will receive an investment of 60 thousand dollars, each accompanied by its four-month acceleration program, which focuses on mentoring and monitoring the team of 500 Startups and its network of international mentors, with the aim of increasing the companies’ chances of success.

The measures that the local fund team has taken with respect to COVID-19 only impact their office space, that is, all the fund’s staff are working remotely. With this work dynamic, continue executing the plans they had for 2020 without changes, being aware of the possibility of modifying its program to be remote by July, the site Entrepeneur.com reported.

“Finding and supporting the most talented entrepreneurs in our region and helping them build successful businesses has always been our goal and has not changed. Given the current situation, we believe that today more than ever, it is essential to continue working hard as an investment fund to continue with that objective. We believe in the great potential that startups have in challenging times like today and turn them into an opportunity for positive change for our region, “said René Lomelí, Partner of 500 Startups.

For all entrepreneurs interested in presenting a scalable service or product serving the Spanish-speaking market, you can apply to the call before April 26 on the site aplica.500.co