WIDER IMAGE-Noon in a world hit by the coronavirus


Apr 1 (Reuters) – Quarantines enacted to stop the spread of the coronavirus have brought unusual silence to some of the world’s busiest places, and transportation hubs that should be packed like Grand Central Station in New York or the docks of Istanbul Eminonu ferry are almost deserted.

Iconic tourist sites such as the Malecon in Havana, the entrance to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and the Old Town Square in Prague are empty of both visitors and merchants, as the borders have been closed and visitors must stay at home.

Tahrir Square in Cairo and Maidan in Kiev, which a few years ago were taken over by popular masses crying out for a revolution, now look like ghost towns.

Reuters photographers have captured the calm that engulfs some of the world’s best-known sites on the same day during the midday hours.

To view a photo essay, click on: https://reut.rs/3bGwybx

(Written by Alexandra Hudson. Edited in Spanish by Javier Leira)


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