Today’s horoscope, Wednesday April 1, 2020


The day will shine with news coming that at least for you is a huge relief and incentive. Procedures that leave quickly and signatures that will help you progress. Hearts with a new starting point and betting on everything.

Moment: bright copper color.


Take advantage of every minute to try to resolve emotional situations and disputes. Sometimes it is unnecessary to pretend too much especially when we know that there are things that are not necessary to have. Material ambition must be controlled. Relieve.

Moment: dark brown.


Well aspected the day in everything related to the work area. promotions, recognitions that are about to take shape. They seek within themselves to achieve greater peace with respect to the heart. It is a great advance to propose to stop feeling jealousy. Protection.

Moment: salmon colored.


Day for the expected agreements. It is signed in agreement, it is negotiated in an encouraging way. Finance as protagonists today, despite the unforeseen, seek to organize their expenses well and do not fear the possibility of doing new business. Trust.

Moment: pearl white.


The leonines stand for this day of important resolutions or responses. Positivism and reward. Day of enjoyment at home, connect internally. They will undoubtedly ease unnecessary tensions.

Moment: blue sea color.


Lucid mind, more than usual for Virginians who will feel a lot of creativity and drive to do new things, modify or update. Enjoy and rapport with the couple that is growing on the right track. Growths.

Moment: floral lavender color.


Renewal in the labor aspects, they will be very favorable even thinking that they will not be. Reviewing and considering opening doors helps us grow. Well established love for some Librians, new couples very well.

Moment: Calypso color.


The events of the day will close in the best possible way. Sometimes you have to give in, and that attitude helps inner evolution. The point is to be able to feel more and more committed to others and to oneself. Satisfaction, release.

Moment: sesame color.


Without major problems, this tiring day, leads the Sagittarians to want to do something that distracts them from the moment they can. Possible news about distant relatives who would need your advice. Shelter home.

Moment: beige.


Important exit at the door that will give you joy. Quiet day at work, with understanding and a desire to collaborate. Matters of the heart sometimes, if not the most, chatting with friends alleviates the feeling of the problem. Communication.

Moment: bright gray.


The security of getting a job today is the first for many Aquarians. Take step by step that you can calmly show off your talents, believe in yourself. Time to take care of yourself at meals and obviously be consistent.

Moment: cinnamon colored.


Pisceans very happy with news in the financial field. Some will close major labor or business contracts, including moves in a short time. Hearts with much flattery and courtship, Pisces in full love.

Moment: forest green.