Italy prolongs confinement until April 13

ROME, Apr 1 (Reuters) – Italy will prolong the confinement of the population to contain the coronavirus until April 13, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Wednesday.

“We should not confuse the first positive signs with a ‘clear everything’ sign. The data shows that we are on the right track and that drastic decisions are paying off,” Speranza told the Senate.

After days of sharp increases in infections, this week’s data suggests that the growth rate of new cases in Italy is slowing down, with 4,053 new infections on Tuesday. Deaths have been stable at more than 800 a day.

Speranza added that “the battle (against the virus) is still very long.”

Italy was the first western country to introduce restrictions and tightened them last week, banning all activities except essential ones.

(Information from Giuseppe Fonte; translated by Tomás Cobos)