Coronavirus | The case of the young man who violated quarantine and infected 17 people at a party of 15: his grandfather died and his grandmother is in therapy

The judicial situation of Eric Torales, the young man who returned from the United States, raped the quarantine mandatory and went to her cousin’s 15th party without knowing what she was wearing coronavirus, it gets complicated. This Wednesday, the municipality of Moreno confirmed the death of his grandfather, whom he infected at the celebration itself.

But the story does not end there: according to what could know based on judicial sources and the Moreno Health portfolio, Torales infected a total of 17 people, between these to the birthday girl and her grandmother, who is in intensive care.

The 71-year-old grandfather became the victim 28 in Argentina. The man had symptoms compatible with Covid-19 on March 22 and on 25 it was confirmed that he had the disease. He had a history of diabetes and hypertension and during his hospitalization suffered respiratory failure.

Torales returned to the country on March 13 after a trip to the United States. A day earlier, President Alberto Fernández had established mandatory isolation for anyone who returns from a country affected by the coronavirus. But the 24-year-old man disobeyed the Executive Power ordinance, went to the birthday without knowing he was carrying Covid-19 and infected 17 people.

The number of infected can grow: the health authorities await the result of the swab of ten other people. 108 guests attended the party. The DJ of the event was also infected.

As a result of this situation, the municipality of Moreno denounced it: is charged and with house arrest. The Morón federal prosecutor, Santiago Marquevich, and federal judge Néstor Barral intervene in the case.

Torales, according to what this medium could know, will be charged with the crime of spreading a dangerous and contagious disease, which contemplates a penalty between 3 and 15 years in prison. Once the total isolation dictated by the Alberto Fernández government ends, he will give an investigative statement.

In turn, the same sources indicated that he was seized and you will not be able to leave the address that you set in the city of Buenos Aires, except for medical controls. Is that the young man himself carries the Covid-19 and after staying seven days in the Belgrano Adventist Clinic, he was discharged and doing well at home.

In this sense, in order to avoid a hindrance to the investigation and for the accused to appear in the process, his passport was withheld.